What is it

Audioneex is a high-performance Audio Content Recognition system (ACR) based on “audio fingerprinting” technology designed for real-time applications and resource-constrained devices. It’s particularly suited for native deployments on mobile and embedded systems but can be used on pretty much any machine, from desktop computers to servers.


  • Fast recognitions
  • Small fingerprints
  • Cross-platform C++ API
  • Content-agnostic identification
  • Flexible recognition system
  • Mobile & IoT-ready
  • Database-neutral

Use cases

ACR systems can be used in a variety of scenarios, such as broadcast monitoring, over-the-air (OTA) identification, content synchronization, second screen, audio surveillance, etc. Audio content identification and management technology finds applications in several industries. Following are a few examples of the most common use cases:

  • User engagement
  • Copyright management
  • Advertisement
  • Piracy detection
  • Law enforcement
  • Audience metering
  • Surveillance & Safety

Audioneex provides the core technology for such applications in the form of a C++ cross-platform API that can be integrated as a backend component in web services, mobile and desktop apps, and embedded systems.

For more detailed information and the full API specifications, refer to the documentation.

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