Put ears to your apps with audio identification technology


Audioneex provides open audio recognition technology (aka "audio fingerprinting") designed with an optimal balance of speed, efficiency and accuracy. Engineered for real-time applications, it can be deployed on any kind of machines, from servers to mobile and embedded devices.

Fast and efficient

Short recognition times (2-4 seconds for many applications) and blazing fast fingerprinting make it suitable for real-time uses. Ultra-small fingerprints allow efficient storage of massive audio databases with millions recordings.

Fast and efficient audio recognition
Robust Recognition Technology

Content-agnostic and robust

Flexible content-agnostic algorithms capable of identifying audio of different nature (music, commercials, TV/Radio shows, movies, generic sounds). Robust technology that allows identification of audio content over-the-air even in noisy environments.


Written in standard C++ for portability and maximum performances with a simple API and detailed documentation that allows easy integration of audio recognition functionality into any application.

Audio Fingerprinting SDK

Open source audio recognitionAudioneex is Open Source software provided under the Mozilla Public License 2.0. Head to the GitHub repo and try it out!